『Haikyuu!! Season4 ED』 Kessen Spirit / CHiCO with HoneyWorks┃Cover by Raon Lee

2020. 12. 18.
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Vocal cover & Video editing :: Raon Lee 이라온
Chorus Guide :: Raon Lee 이라온
Instrumental arrangement :: M2U
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-Twitter : twitter.com/m2uofficial/
-Instagram : instagram.com/m2ustudio/
Mixed & Mastering & Feat :: Taramaxu 타라맛스
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-Twitter : twitter.com/dkshkdkseho
Song Title :: 決戦スピリット (결전스피릿, Kessen Spirit)
Artist :: CHiCO with HoneyWorks
Anime :: ハイキュー!! (하이큐!!, Haikyuu!!)
Original link :: kofund.info/limo/bidio/ddihuYu8vcyEqKY.html

Hey, Lovely Radoongs! It's Raon :) ♥
Today, I covered 「Kessen Spirit」 full of hopeful messages!
I know you're all tired and frustrated by the endless coronavirus,
but I really hope this song will give you some strength! (*´꒳`*)
The eventful year of 2020 is now two weeks away! (ฅฅ*)💦
The weather is very cold, so please always take care of your health!
I hope you have a happy end of the year with the people you love*˙︶˙*)💖
『The flower shall BLOSSOM, only after we learn DEFEAT! 🌼』
Thank you for listening :)
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▶ romaji lyrics ◀
PURESSHAA sore ga doushita Kami-sama no tasuke wa iranai
EGOISUTO sore ga doushita Kachitai ni riyuu nado nai
(Break out!) idomazu ni wa irarenai
(Break out!) kage sae mo furikitteke
(Break out!) genjou no genkai Norikoero CHANSU
(We are!) zenryoku wo kaketa
(We are!) obieru koto nai
(Winner!) kakushin he kaware
Takaku takaku takaku Maiagare
Ajiwatta haiboku no kizu wa Namida yatte hana wo sakaseru
"Akiramero" to waraeba ii sa Sonna kotoba boku wa shiranai

Seou mono sore mo tanoshime Doujou ni tsukiau ki wa nai
RIARISUTO katte ni shiro yo Bankuruwase kowashite shimae
(Break out!) konomama moetsuki tatte
(Break out!) hajiru koto nai ikizama
(Break out!) kanjou no takanari Chikara ni kaeteke
(We are!) yuukan na kokoro
(We are!) zenshin aru nomi
(Winner!) manshin soui de
Agake agake agake Tsukamitore
Butsukatte kokete wa tatte Hiza no kizu kunshou ni naru
"Ikigattero" baka ni sarete mo Shouri kakage boku wa ikitai
Okusuru koto nai
(Wow) tsuyoki kaze ga senaka osu
(Wow) yadore aoi honoo
(Wow) jidai wo tsukure fuuunji
(Wow) choujou he izanau michi

(Break out!) idomazu ni wa irarenai
(Break out!) saikyou no sai zensen
(Break out!) senjou no kinkou Buchikowase Ready Go!!
(We are!) gyakkyou no arashi
(We are!) osoruru ni tarazu
(Winner!) kassai wo abite
Tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku Kiyoku are
Ajiwatta haiboku no kizu wa Namida yatte hana wo sakaseru
"Akiramero" to waraeba ii sa Sonna kotoba boku wa shiranai
"Ikigattero" baka ni sarete mo Shouri kakage boku wa ikitai
Haiboku wo shiri hana wa saku
"Fukanou" to waraeba ii sa
Sonna kotoba boku wa shiranai

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  • 『패배의 상처는 눈물을 흘리고 마침내 꽃을 피워내! 🌼』 『The flower shall BLOSSOM, only after we learn DEFEAT! 🌈』 『味わった敗北のキズは 涙やって花を咲かせる ! ✨』 映像の中のタイトルを間違いましたああ!(ฅฅ*)💦 ラオンはバカだね!( •́ㅿ•̀ )

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  • 自分用メモ プレッシャー それがどうした 神様の助けはいらない エゴイストそれがどうした 勝ちたいに理由などない break out 挑まずにはいられない break out 影さえも振り切ってけ break out 現状の限界 乗り越えろ チャンス We are 全力をかけた we are 怯えることない Winner 確信へ変われ 高く高く高く 舞い上がれ 味わった敗北のキズは 涙やって花を咲かせる 諦めろと笑えばいいさ そんな言葉 僕は知らない 背負うもの それも楽しめ 同情に付き合う気はない リアリスト勝手にしろよ 番狂わせ壊してしまえ break out このまま燃え尽きたって break out 恥じることない生き様 break out 感情の高鳴り 力に変えてけ we are 勇敢な心 we are 前進あるのみ Winner 満身創痍で 足掻け足掻け足掻け 掴み取れ ぶつかって転けては立って 膝の傷 勲章になる 粋がってろ 馬鹿にされても 勝利掲げ 僕は生きたい 臆することない wow 強き風が背中押す wow 宿れ青い炎 wow 時代を作れ風雲児 wow 頂上へいざなう道 Break out 挑まずにはいられない Break out 最強の最前線 Break out 戦場の均衡 ぶち壊せ Ready Go we are 逆境の嵐 we are 恐るるに足らず Winner 喝采を浴びて 強く強く強く 清くあれ 味わった敗北のキズは 涙やって花を咲かせる 諦めろと笑えばいいさ そんな言葉 僕は知らない 粋がってろ 馬鹿にされても 勝利掲げ 僕は生きたい 敗北を知り 花は咲く 不可能と笑えばいいさ そんな言葉 僕は知らない

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  • The most beautiful thing about the op and Ed for haikyuu is the fact that the op shows how the on court team works together and their growth and development while the Ed shows what happens behind the scenes. The Ed demonstrates how it is not just the players on the court that make the team by all the coaches, managers and people who support the team too. Haikyuu as a whole was beautiful and well thought out. From the body posture and accurate facts when it comes to volleyball to the in depth messages the story conveys. As a person who was a soccer manager for 2 years and was already planning to do volleyball before watching this, no other sports anime will hit as hard as Haikyuu did. I'm so sad that the manga ended.

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  • Cover song Homura - kimetsu no yaiba please ♥️

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  • Cover song Homura - kimetsu no yaiba please ♥️

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  • 노래 다운하고싶은데.. 하이큐 4기1쿨ED검색하는데 없어서 유튜브 로듣네요

    잭과콩나물잭과콩나물4 개월 전
  • 아니 선생님... 이번에 하이큐 보자마자 이걸 내버리시면 제가 너무 좋아요...ㅎ

    like _like _4 개월 전
  • 최고최고. 멋지다 역시 라온님 You're the best. You're so cool, Raon. 最高最高。 素敵だものラオンさん 最棒 最棒 果然很帅 Raon

    겜동겜동4 개월 전
  • 3:40 제일 왼쪽부터 시계방향으로 카라스노, 네코마, 시라토리자와, 아오바죠사이 나 울어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    수우빈수우빈4 개월 전
    • 헐 진짜네요?? 이거 하루에 10번 정도는 보는데 지금 알았어요

      D hD h개월 전
  • 이노래듣고 빠져버렸다 라온님의 매력에

    두시두시4 개월 전